NoiseFloor 2012, Staffordshire University

From the 2nd to 4th of May I attended the NoiseFloor 2012 – a festival of experimental electronic music and sonic art which took place for the third time at Staffordshire University, Stafford from the 1st to the 4th of May. The schedule consisted of 9 concerts featuring acousmatic music and live electronics as well as two paper sessions related to performance and composition practices and music computing. The festival provided a good opportunity to establish contacts in the area of electronic composition and music technology. In terms of my PhD research at QMUL I organised a meeting with Dr Eric Lyon from SARC, Belfast being an expert on MAX/MSP – the graphical programming language my collaborative interactive music system is based on. Eric, who is currently working on a book about MAX programming, gave me some expert insight on advanced practices including the programming of custom objects in Java and C++. Also in his paper presentation related to an image to spatialisation algorithm used in a composition presented in one of the concerts, he demonstrated his impressive ability to combiningĀ  different audio programming languages in skilful ways. Moreover, I had the opportunity to discuss my research on collaborative music making using interactive technology with several composers and performers attending the festival such as BEER (Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research). Beside that, IĀ  presented a paper on musical improvisation entitled “Improvising with a Black Box – A perspective on No-Input Music” that resulted from a research project at my prior institute IEM, Graz.